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An action hero in mortal danger is rescued by an unlikely savior with ulterior motives in this award-winning action-comedy short. I served as writer, producer, and co-star of this satire about ageism, sexism, and body shaming in the entertainment industry. It premiered at the 2018 Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles and has won several awards, including Best Comedy at the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival and the People's Choice Award at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival. In 2020, it found streaming homes on the Reel Women's Network and Reveel. Co-starring Neil Napier, with Gavin Michael Booth directing. Watch the trailer here.

When Eddie, a broke artist-turned-house painter, meets an irreverant, disabled podcaster, she's forced to confront painful events from her past in order to rebuild her life and pursue her dream. 

Comedic Drama Feature.

Materials available: Full Script, Treatment, and One-page Synopsis

The epic story of the brave, real-life women who defied gender and racial barriers to become spies, soldiers, and political influencers to help steer the course of the American Civil War.

Co-Written with  Michelle Boback and Adria Budd Johnson

Historical Drama Limited Series.

Materials Available: Full Pilot Script, Bible


This documentary short features one of the few women to apprentice under a master Italian tailor in the male-dominated world of bespoke tailoring. Now in post production, I direct and co-produce. Check out the teaser here.

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